Weather Cancellation Policy

As this is an outdoor event, we have decided to cancel the evenings that have bad weather, based on previous years’ experience. Small planes will not fly in bad weather. Car owners won’t drive their fun, shiny cars through puddles. The pizza oven sputters in the rain.

Therefore, every Thursday at 2:00 PM (14:00 for you pilots), the Wings & Wheels committee will review the weather forecast and make a decision as to whether the event will be held that evening.

Either way, a notice will be posted on the home page around 3:30 PM. A notice will also be posted on the Wings and Wheels at Minute Man Air Field Facebook page . Sandwich boards at the entrance to Minute Man Air Field will say, “Cancelled.”

Sponsors will be sent an email notifying them if the event will be cancelled for the evening. If the event will be held, they will not be notified.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact

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