June 15, 2017: German night!

Another perfect summer evening for our first German night of the season. Loved the array of German makes and models, including a Trabant and a VW bus. We also were joined by a fleet of Corvettes and a Model A in its unrestored, original condition.

June 8, 2017: British night!

Spring returned with a cool, cloudy evening, appropriate for British night. However, the rain held off, and we saw many cool British cars, including a Lotus Elise California (one of only 20 that were produced), several mini-Coopers, MGs, and Austin-Healeys. We even had a guest appearance from a helicopter, a welcome participant during the runway repaving!

June 1, 2017: Opening night!

June 1 was a warm, beautiful summer evening! Due to repaving of the runway, we had to shift the layout a bit. Show cars parked up by the restaurant and featured several American makes and models as well as many different cars from around the world. Expect this layout through the end of June. When repaving is completed, we will provide access to the airplanes. You can admire them now through the airfield fence by the restaurant. Looking forward to another great summer!

March, 2017: Kicking off a great season

We have kicked off our planning for the 2017 season. Expect another great year with cool cars, fun planes, great food, and a wonderful community vibe. Mark your calendars for Thursdays this summer, and come on down to Minute Man Air Field in Stow, MA. Best of all, we have an extra week this year, as we start on June 1 and end on August 31. Come enjoy the fun on an extra Thursday this summer.

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